A girl enters an idyllic dream state of a home, only to find out that what she thought was love -- was really a delusion.​​​​​​​
Our favorite author, Jia Tolentino, once wrote, “Devotion, by its nature, tends to invite agony.” It was a beautiful way to describe the age-old adage of “love will make you do crazy things.”  With “100%,” we wrote our script to ask - at what point does devotion and affection become obsession and dangerous fanaticism? What does it look like for memories and reality to collide? And at what costs would you take to recreate a lost and loved memory?
To fully realize the liminal space between memory and reality, we drew on the uncanny imagery of Junji Ito and the frenetic energy of Tsugumi Obha, creator of Death Note.
We wanted to represent the duality of a relationship by blending antithetical themes: VHS glitches and textures imposed onto an Alice-in-Wonderland-esque landscape; the warm golden hues in direct clash with the icy cool tones; and digital glitches paired with scan lines of an analog camcorder.
The result is a supernova of contradictions, reflecting the dizzying nature of loving and losing your universe in a person.
As for the soundtrack, the song “100%” comes from AIR APPARENT, a project from the mind of Indian-American dance musician Neil Sethi. Neil was raised on an eclectic mix of religious Indian music, Bollywood tunes, 2000s Atlanta hip-hop, and numetal. As a result, “100%” makes for a genre-defying anthemic track with incredible nuance built-in for visual storytelling.
Neil not only produced the track, but he also made his acting debut in the music video. “100%” is truly a seminal bookmark moment for everybody involved, and we hope to remember this project fondly as a huge step in all of our careers.

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